OCR Schriftlesung

OCR font reading

In the food and packaging industry, it must be ensured that labels are applied to the product. Examination of the signs is often an issue in addition to a mere presence. The example shown here shows a best before date which is read by the camera. The date read is transmitted to the higher-level controller and sorted out in the event of a misprint or an incorrect date. In the case of widely varying fonts, deep learning can be used to guarantee reliable character recognition.

The system structure consists of an industrial PC, a matrix camera, the COGNEX VisionPro library, an incident light and an entocentric lens. The working distances and fields of view are tailored to the task and can be adjusted for similar applications.


  • Test in drive-by (on the fly)
  • Reading possible on many different surfaces
  • The system can be specially adapted to your needs and transferred to various applications.
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